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The Bare Case - for iPhone 13

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Save 70% when you add a Pane Screen Protector for S$20

12 Months Warranty.

  • The Thinnest MagSafe Case for iPhone 13!

    Enjoy the original design of your iPhone with moderate drop protection & full MagsSafe compatibility.

    First & second batches sold out!

    Works with official MagSafe Accessories.

    *While The Bare Case offers some drop protection, we'd still recommend Bare Armour for those who drop their phones more often.

    **Use of MagSafe accessories might cause slight imprints on the case, and is not a defect.

    DO NOT use alcohol wipes, sprays, & other harsh chemicals to clean your Bare Case as that would strip its coat. Instead, use a microfibre cloth with a bit of water.

  • The Bare Case for iPhone 13 is the ultimate thin MagSafe case that perfectly balances a case-less look with a sturdy design.

    It's a fantastic case for those who find our Bare Naked case too thin for comfort, and would prefer a thin case that feels a little more substantial. Make no mistake though, The Bare Case is still a super thin case that preserves the original look & feel of your device.

    You'll also be glad to know The Bare Case for iPhone 13 features embedded magnets so all official MagSafe Accessories will work with your iPhone 13.

  • 1 x The Bare Case for iPhone 13

    Lots of enjoyment using your iPhone 13 as it was meant to be.