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Bare Back - for iPhone 11

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  • Drop-resistant case with an all-glass back!

    Also available in Clear Black for a perfect match with Black iPhone 11!

    If you want a case that feels like the actual glass on your iPhone 11, this is the case for you!

    Note: As Bare Back is made with real tempered glass, please take extra care when removing it from your device to avoid damage to the case.

  • If your reason for not wanting to use a case is because you like the feel of your iPhone's premium materials in your hand, then you'll love Bare Back!

    Bare Back features a clear all-glass back that feels just as nice as the actual glass on your iPhone 11. And since it's glass, you get all its desired benefits like superior scratch resistance, and crystal clarity.

    A thin & clear shock-resistant frame with reinforced corners help protect your iPhone 11 from drops, while still ensuring your iPhone looks unmistakably an iPhone.

    You’ll also be glad to know that Bare Back works with all screen protectors without lifting or bubbling them, and is specifically designed to fit best with our Bare PANE Screen Protector.

    Show off your iPhone XR’s sexy back! Get Bare Back now!

  • 1 x Bare Back Case

    Satisfied hands, and a window into your iPhone 11's natural beauty.