Bare Naked EX - for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Save 80%? Make it a Bare Essentials Pack: Includes 1 Case + 2 Screen Protectors

12 Months Warranty.

  • The THINNEST CLEAR CASE for iPhone 13 Pro Max - 0.5mm Thin!

    Will NOT turn yellow!

    Works with Apple MagSafe Accessories.

    *Yes, this case is super thin & sexy, which naturally means it's NOT a case for drop protection. It will also show wear & tear if placed on rough surfaces.

    **Clear cases will show hairline scratches from normal wear & tear more obviously than the matte options we offer. This is not a defect, and is a natural characteristic of clear plastic polymers.

  • Bare Naked EX is the epitome of what's possible with today's know-how in material science - a clear case that is just 0.5mm thin, break-resistant, superb clarity, and won't turn yellow with time.

    In fact, this is the closest ever to the experience of using your iPhone 13 Pro Max completely naked while still providing protection from wear & tear.

    This case is so thin & clear, you'll hardly realise there's a case on!

  • 1 x Bare Naked EX for iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Lots of enjoyment using your iPhone 13 Pro Max as it was meant to be.