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Bare Pane - for Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

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  • Full Adhesive.

    Works with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.

    No Messy Liquid Glue.

    No unnecessary holes or cutouts.

    No loss of touch sensitivity.

    Covers S10 & S10+ screen from edge to edge.

    Easy to align & install.

    Includes alignment tray.

  • Bare Pane fully protects your Galaxy S10 & S10+'s entire display from scratches and cracks if you ever drop it. Plus, you'll barely notice there's a screen protector on your S10 & S10 Plus with the precisely machined curves at the edges!

    Bare Pane for S10 & S10+ is made from our new proprietary hybrid material that's ultra-thin with a Nano Glass top coat to give it exceptional clarity, and a smooth feel just like the actual glass on your S10 & S10+. Your ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will also work without a hitch, thanks to the unique HydroGel Adhesive that covers the entire underside of Pane.

  • 1 - Pane Screen Protector

    1 - Alignment Tray

    1 - Squeegee

    1 - Alcohol Wipe

    1 - Microfibre Cloth

    1 - Dust Removal Sticker

  • After installation, please remove all registered fingerprint & re-register them again.

    During the fingerprint set-up process, pay special attention to Samsung's onscreen instructions, especially the part where it instructs you to scan the "edges" of your finger - you must scan the parts of your finger as highlighted on the onscreen tutorial for your Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor to work as intended.

    For best performance of your Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, register the same fingerprint multiple times in different conditions - dry, cold, humid, etc.