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Bare Pane for Camera Bumps - for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

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  • Comes with 3 pieces in a pack!

    Keep your camera bump extra safe now.

    Made with ion-strengthened glass.

    Easy to install.

    Works perfectly with our Bare Naked case.

    With camera bumps getting larger & thicker; heck, some are as big as screens on clamshell phones of old, it’s time you keep them lenses safe before a crack from a drop turns your $1000 smartphone’s camera into a potato.

  • Raised camera cutouts with lips only protect your smartphone’s camera lenses when it’s laid on a flat surface. Tiny undulations on rough surfaces can go past the raised cutout and make contact with your camera bump, potentially causing micro scratches that, collected over time, can make your photos look soft & washed out.

    Pane for Camera Bumps keeps your smartphone’s cameras safe from hard & sharp objects that can scratch or shatter them. It uses the same ion-strengthened, crystal clear glass as our premium screen protectors, complete with rounded-off edges for a seamless look, and blacked-out surrounds so you don’t get flaring problems with flash photography.

    We include 3 Panes in a pack so you have spares in case of accidents, or a botched install.

    Get Pane for Camera Bumps now, and never have potato cam!

  • 3 x Bare Pane for Camera Bumps.

    No more camera bump anxiety.

No loss of image quality:

Keep your camera bump extra safe!