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FAQs Naked

Need a little more assurance before you take your pants off and get Naked? Here ya go!

Why Choose Naked?

Yes, we know there are other "ultra-slim" cases out there; we've seen and tested them, and found them to be, well... Let's just say they have compromises. For example, most are just too thin, making the edges flap easily, and soon, you find dirt and grime getting in between the case and phone - not good. Cutouts? They're just good enough, not perfect (we've got pictures). Our Naked cases have none of those problems! Our cases, though extremely thin, are still rigid so they hug your phone snuggly, ensuring nothing gets between! Our camera cutout is PERFECT, and all cases go through two quality checks - one at production, and one right before we ship it to you! And in that extremely rare occasion you get a dud, we'll do everything we can to make it right!

How much protection do I get out of this case?

Our Naked cases offer protection from scratches, scuffs, bumps, and light drops; scenarios like placing your iPhone on a rough surface, sliding it across a table, and the occasional drop at waist-level. Let's put it this way, this case is for the minimalist who loves a naked iPhone but hates to baby it, not for an outdoorsy, jungle-trekking, beach-surfing athelete who cracks open lobsters with his/her iPhone.

Is this case soft or hard?

It's hard... Haaaard. It ain't your cheap "jelly" case!

Does it protect the camera glass if I lay it flat on a table?

YES! There's a lip on the camera cut-out that ensures the camera glass has no contact with a flat surface. Be careful of laying your iPhone on a rocky surface, though. We don't recommend that!

Will it work with full-coverage screen protectors?

Absolutely! The case won't push against, or "bubble" your screen protectors.

Do you sell screen protectors?

Not at the moment, but we're working on a full-coverage, Ion-strengthened glass protector that's idiot-proof to install. Look out for that.

How long till my order reaches me?

Rest assured, the guys at Bare will ship your order out within 24 hours of purchase!

Returns & Refunds?

If getting Naked was a bad idea, just put your clothes back on, drop us an email with the subject "I'm getting dressed", and we'll take care of the rest!